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Calling on all marine life lovers! You can now see one of the largest aggregations of whale sharks right here in Qatar in an exclusive tour.

Just meters away from land, the biggest concentration of the slow-moving shark is present in the waters of the relatively small peninsular Arab country, and now, people have the chance to witness it.

Until now, the area that hosts the whale sharks was closed to the public. However, Discover Qatar has launched its ‘Discover the Whale Sharks of Qatar’ tour, offering all marine lovers to see the gigantic white-spotted fish from a luxurious ‘Private Charter’ yacht or a ‘Daily Explorer’ tour on a high-speed catamaran. 

Prices for the Daily Explorer tour, which allows up to 25 passengers on a high-speed catamaran, start at 1,800 QAR ($495) per person. Children under the age of 12 are offered a 25% discount.

Among the features of the package are onboard meals provided by a five-star hotel, Wi-Fi connectivity, a professional photographer, and an expert guide.  

But, for a more luxurious experience, organisers are providing an option of a Private Charter tour, which is inclusive of a 121-foot-long luxury yacht that accommodates up to 20 guests. The yacht has three luxurious cabins, four lounge areas, and a relaxing jacuzzi for your enjoyment during the trip.

It is a bit pricy, though. The luxurious tour prices start from 118,300 QAR ($32,500) per day. Just like the Daily Explorer tour, the Private Charter includes breakfast, three-course lunch provided by a five-star hotel, an expert whale shark guide, a professional photographer, and Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Those interested can book any of the tours available through the Discover Qatar website for excursions starting May 21, 2022.   

World’s largest whale shark concentrations

Doha waters host the largest concentration of the planet’s largest living fish, whale sharks.

In 2o20, the peninsula documented over 600 of the white-spotted fish, a number that exceeded all other countries around the world.

The giant aquatic animal can grow to up to 18 metres in length and 30 tonnes in weight, which is heavier than at least two trucks. And they swim freely right here in Doha.

Just 90 kilometers away from land near the Al Shaheen region off the northeast coast, more than 100 whale sharks congregate around the coral reef between the months of April and September every year, unlike four to five weeks in other locations around the world.

Al Shaheen region serves as the perfect place for the gentle creatures to settle thanks to its ecosystem. The large fish inhabits tropical and warm waters, and the area’s temperature falls around 27 degrees.

This makes the area a perfect location for the fish to breed, providing an abundance of fish eggs for Whale Sharks to feed on.

Despite their size, these animals are filter-feeders, and their diet includes plankton, copepods, krill, fish eggs, and small fish.

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