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The annual dazzling event is taking place at the DECC from 9-14 May.

Passion, uniqueness, and attention to detail. These are the three words that best sum up Alfardan Jewellery, a company born in 1954 by Ibrahim Alfardan, a man of discerning intellect.

Before sparkling its way beyond Qatar, the prominent jewellery brand has been established by a family driven by visionaries that share a single passion towards the jewellery industry.

It is currently amongst the glittering brands at the 18th edition of the Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition (DJWE).  One major surprise guest at Alfardan’s pavilion is one of the biggest and more rare pink diamond, weighing 102 qt. 

Alfardan Jewellery held the exclusive Jewellery and Watches Exhibition for the first time in 1977, before it became a public event in 2003.

It has grown to become one of the leading and foremost family-owned conglomerates in Qatar and the region for the past 65 years. It has turned into a trusted brand by generations, offering unparalleled quality and sophisticated pieces.

Behind the company that has been passed from one generation to another stand key players keen on carrying on its long-living legacy.

Amongst those figures is Hussain Alfardan, the Chairman of Alfardan Group and one of the most reputed and highly respected industry figures in the Arabian Gulf. Another is Hussain’s son, Ali Alfardan, who is now the Vice Chairman of the Alfardan Group.

Under their leadership, their flagship store in The Pearl-Qatar has secured a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest jewellery retail store in the world. 

Alfardan Jewellery

Born in 1933, the chairman was the son of an eminent pearl merchant family who has been known as a leading authority on natural pearls, taking the title of his father, Ibrahim Alfardan. The business giant was able to save the family business during challenges that came after the introduction of cultured pearls by Japan and the onset of World War II.

The company was founded at the time and has powered through the growing competition in the market. Alfardan Jewellery expanded its presence in the region through time, branching out to Saudi Arabia, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Switzerland.

Similarly, Hussein’s son has become an internationally renowned figure in the industry for his own artistic, brilliant and innovative jewellery and watch designs. Such creations are used by many leading Swiss watch companies.

Taking back the business to its homeland, Al Tawash Gallery was added to the company to display a rare collection of natural pearls and priceless items. The gallery has acted as a hub for the preservation of the natural pearl culture and history.

In addition to delivering Qatar’s culture to the world, it has brought the world to the country by adding high-class brands under its portfolio. Those include: Chopard, Vacheron Constatin, Marli, Sartoro, Dior amongst others.

Path to modernity

Adamant to keep pace with modern times whilst being committed to the Qatari heritage, Noor Alfardan, Ali Alfardan’s daughter, has entered the business to add to its growth.

Noor Ali Hussain Alfardan

The young jewellery designer has been fascinated with jewellery since the age of six, to grow and be named on the Arabian Watches and Jewellery Magazine’s list of 20 most influential women of the industry.

The former intern at Chopard under the creative director of Caroline Scheufele then became the Vice President of Alfardan Jewellery. Noor shared her creations with the world in 2012 by launching Noudar, derived from the ancient Arabic term for ‘gold’.

Noudar is an exquisite collection of intricately designed pieces that ignite the spirit of elegance and modernity of the family. Through the jewellry, Noor integrats her personal taste for watches and horological mechanisms, bearing in mind comfort, movement and flexibility.

Those designs have been flaunted across the globe by prominent celebrities, including Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez and Kendall Jenner.

The Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition

Noudar is currently featured at the DJWE, gathering international and local brands from more than ten countries.

Apart from the existing sparkle at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre (DECC), Alfardan Jewellery has taken the spotlight of the event. Noudar, the only in-house brand by Alfardan Jewellery, is showcasing Noor’s inherited spirit of elegance and modernity.

The ‘Henna Collection’ has been described as a favourite of the visitors of the previous editions of DJWE.

“Once again, Alfardan Jewellery will exhibit an unparalleled collection at the 18th edition of the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition, highlighting unique and elegant gems and pieces, even from our very own Qatari brand. We thank all our customers and visitors for their encouragement as always,” said Ali Alfardan.

The collection is inspired by the noble heritage of Arabic and Islamic culture as well as Omani patterns, reminiscent of mosaics and Henna designs. Altawash’s unique pieces also dazzle alongside international brand’s pieces that are especially made for the Qatari market.

Al Tawash is showcasing exceptional one-of-a-kind pieces for the exhibition, portraying Qatar’s rich pearling heritage. The pavilion also features piercing services by internationally renowned professionals such as Kismit by Milka. 

The DJWE is taking place at the DECC from 9-14 May.

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