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The depth of the tanker is equivalent to 35 Olympic swimming pools. 

Qatar has completed the construction of the 90,000 cubic meters Al Aziziya tank project for rainwater collection in an effort to enhance the rainwater drainage networks in the area.

The water tank will be used to collect and store rain water rather than allowing it to runoff.

Built by The Public Works Authority (Ashghal), in cooperation with Aspire Zone, the tank was designed and constructed underground with a 28,000 cubic meters capacity, which will replace the 3,000 tankers used previously for dewatering.

Dug with a depth of 90,000 cubic meters, the tank is equivalent to the depth of 35 Olympic swimming pools. It is built with the latest techniques to ensure the construction process is completed before the much-awaited FIFA World Cup 2022 begins.

The project was also completed with a 20% cost reduction despite Covid-19 challenges.

“The cooperation between Ashghal & Aspire contributed towards completing project design & implementation in record time, close to Khalifa International Stadium, within the preparation plan of World Cup 2022”. said Eng. Khalid Saif Al Khayareen, Drainage Networks Projects Department Manager in Ashghal.

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Expert teams from both entities coordinated directly through common workshops to establish design solutions that are in line with the initiatives of environmental sustainability applied by Ashghal.

The main specialised contract of the project was Metito Overseas Company, located in Doha, and was built under the supervision of Parsons International.

Since the first day of implementation, preliminary plans were set in motion to ensure full operational efficiency, Al Khayareen stated. This was done by using a rainwater lagoon and providing pipelines and pumping rooms until the completion of the tank.

Regular follow-up maintenance also took place throughout the project.

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